Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My senior movie

This is Cody McEnery Senior Moive
For the past year Cody has been making his senior movie. It's is not as exciting and fun and incredible like a lot of peoples senior movie might be but he thinks it is one-of-a-kind and it's just the way He wants it to be. He really has not enjoyed his senior year at all because all he does is the same thing he's done for the past three years which is incredibly boring. But they all have to do it so he thinks he made the best of it.
First, Cody sets himself up for the past three years to take a very easy courseload during his senior year and that is what he did. He tried doing a class at region 10 and did not like it at all. He thought he would like it a lot more than he did but he did not so he just drop the class.
Because Cody wasn't going to spend his entire senior year doing something that he did not like, instead of doing the pre-apprenticeship that was at region 10, He decided just to do work-study, Which is very nice. He goes to school every other day and the days that he does not go to school, he goes and works extra time on top of his normal work schedule, which is nice it gives him more money to play around with, which is good.
Some people need to hang out with people to feel good about themselves but what makes him feel accomplished is working, like He could work from 7am to 8pm everyday and he would feel perfectly fine. Cody is the only star actor in his movie Because he's awesome. He does not find his senior moive boring but he thinks a lot of people will because a lot of people his age are not for working all the time. I feel a good age group of people to read this pretty much anyone that wants to I don't think it's inappropriate for anyone. Rated G.
 What you might find fun about his senior year Is he can make it however he wanted it to be. The school let him do this which He appreciate very much. But a big part of what He does not appreciate of the school is a lot of the stuff we have learned for the past four years he will never use in his life he knows everyone says you're going to use it you're going to regret not taking that class but seriously, he won't. He has done the classes He's needed and the ones He wants.  But one class that drives him crazy is history. It's seriously a complete waste of time if you ask him and he does not know why He need to know who carved into what rock what year, He really doesn't care never will need to know. He can go on and on but He is just going to bore you but there are parts of the school that are kind of good.


  1. Wow.

  2. Glad you were able to find parts of school that were "kind of good"! Sounds like a really productive year for you, despite having to take classes you don't care about. Since work was such a big part of your year, maybe discuss that part in more detail? Also, any supporting roles?