Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Is Valentine's Day what it comes out to be?!

I interviewed a couple on what they're look for Valentine's Day is. Is it really all about chocolates and flowers. Or just some people see it as more of spending time with one another? This is what I got out of Bo and Kim when I interviewed them. It was very hard sometimes because they pretty much had the same answer for everything so it was hard to split it up but I think I managed it well.

Most people consider Valentine's Day as a holiday for love and compassion for a significant other. What Valentine's Day means to one person versus another can be different or it can also be the same. Guys do not usually expect much. Bo Donahue  a chef at opus 10 says  "No I don't expect anything, we don't usually do much for Valentines Day. But I do usually get some candy and a funny card."
 Many times there Is a difference between men and women but in this case Bo Donahue and his wife Kim Donahue have a similar opinion on what Valentine's Day is to them. Kim and Bo have been married for just over a year. It was interesting to get their responses. Kim said, "Nice things are always nice, but I certainly don't need or expect them. And will never be disappointed if I don't get an expensive gift."
When interviewed Kim felt that Valentine's Day "...is a day to really feel and remember all of the reasons why you love each other.Its so easy to get caught up in the day to day busy life schedules and forget to remember why you really fell in love". It seems that women find Valentine's Day to be about love and caring for each other. Most men feel just buying chocolates and flowers on Valentine's day is a enough because this is what has become of our society to the world. In Bo's case he and his wife Kim feel that not about the gifts for them it's mostly about being with each other.  As Bo stated "It means a day that you share appreciation to someone that means a lot to you."
Both Bo and Kim did not find Valentine's Day to be the most expensive holiday for them. They preferred time with each other over things purchased for each other. As Kim stated "I don't do much for Valentines Day, I consider Christmas much more expensive. I feel very secure in my relationship and don't feel the need to get him a bunch of things to prove my love. I will get a few little things, like his favorite candy and a card, but mainly we just like to spend time together." A commercial about Valentine's Day is "Every kiss begins with K" and this commercial portrays the opposite of their idea of Valentine's Day.
Since their relationship is so focused on spending time together on Valentine's Day they usually make plans to spend time together. Kim said "We will sometimes go out to dinner. Usually Bo will bring home some chocolate covered strawberries that he made for us at work, and a bottle of champagne. I make sure to buy a lot of his favorite candy, and try to find a funny card for him."
Society has shown us that Valentine's Day has to be a day where you care for one another more than any other day. Although it should not matter what day it is, you should always care for the other person the same way. Kim commented, "A lot of guys in relationships think of it as a burden, because a lot of girls expect their guy to do special things for them, and get them nice things." Too much spending takes away from the love you have for each other because people can get caught up trying to find the right thing to buy, but money is not always happiness.  Kim said "I think lots of people have high expectations for the day, and could easily be let down. I also think the media hypes up the day too much. It's kind of a Hallmark holiday, and there are standard things you are supposed to get such as, chocolates, roses, cards, jewelry, etc."
Throughout my interview people have realized that society views Valentine's Day as a day people need to fulfill each other with lots of gifts. But in this case both Bo and Kim seem to fulfill  Valentine's Day with love for each other.

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