Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Is splitting up the RSU5 a good idea?!

I interviewed three people from Durham asking them if they think it is a good idea to split up the RSU5 here are the responses I got. It was pretty straightforward and easy to put this together I didn't really have any trouble with it.  I think it is very understandable to read.

Problems with RSU5 splitting as a regional school unit.
RSU5 consists of Freeport, Durham and Pownal. After being a part of RSU5 for five years, Freeport wants out. Freeport votes the budget up, but nine times out of ten Durham and Pownal vote the budget down. Because the taxes in Durham and Pownal will go up almost double what they are now in Freeport the taxes will only increase a little for everyone because there's so many more people in the town of freeport. Freeport could take on more of the financial burden because of school is already here.
 I feel that the RSU5 should not split up. First of all, The kids in Durham and Pownal will have the chance to further their education. Secondly, it sets the eighth-graders up for knowing exactly where they have to go.  I feel them not having a choice is better for them at that age because if you give the kids the choice they are only going to go where their friends are going. Not to the school that better suits their needs. Lastly, It pulls the whole community together and  tries to make everyone work towards one goal.
Hannah Hall, from Durham, feels that the RSU5 should not split up. "I think that the RSU has become a positive thing for all students in every school.  Programs for recreation have been improved because of the larger number of students involved.  Teachers have been able to collaborate which has helped their own practices and curriculum in general." Additionally, it's better that Durham does not have the choice to go to two different schools. Durham also has more voice on the school board than it did before, which is for the school to improve its education.
Am anonymous source from Durham also states "Think it would be better to remain with the RSU.  We have received a lot of benefits from being together, many programs shared, people shared, etc."
On the other hand, people that are for the withdrawal such as Diane Chabot, from Durham, agrees to split from the RSU. "I don't think these three towns merging was a good fit.  Durham has always been the "middle sister", not always getting their needs met because Freeport always came first." I do not believe Freeport always comes first considering Durham got a brand-new school.  Durham can't seem to come to an agreement on Freeport getting a new school because Durham already got what they wanted and  Doesn't seem to care about Freeport.
 I feel we were put together as RSU5 for a reason are we should stick to that. I think going off old information is not a relevant reason to split us up. I think we can make it work I just think there's going to be a lot of bumps in the road on the way to get everyone on the same page.

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