Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to do a good interview

A good interview has a comfortable , relaxing atmosphere and good preparation by both sides. There needs to be good lighting and a seating arrangement that allows everyone to make eye contact. Sometimes to break tense moments it is good to have humor. Water bottles and snacks are a good idea. 
Good interview questions are questions that should not have a yes or no answer. The questions should allow someone to expand on the answers they give. Follow up questions that relate to the answer are sometimes very helpful.

Friday, September 13, 2013

What is Journalism!!

Step #2: The first post to your new blog is to explore what journalism means to you.  Some directions you can take this prompt include (but you are not limited to):
  • What does journalism look like?
  • Journalism looks like newspapers and Article. very knowledgeable information. 
  • Is there "good" or "bad" journalism?
  • Where do you see journalism in your life?
  • Talk about journalists you pay attention to.
  • Why are you interested in journalism?
  • What are you curious to learn more about in terms of this class? Journalism in general?

Journalism looks like newspapers and Article. very knowledgeable information. Newspapers are a form of journalism that I think of, also in magazines. I think it most journalism is pretty good, but I think there are probably some bad pieces out there. I normally see journalism in the magazines I read, such as "Maine Houses", "Car and Driver", and "National Geographic". There are articles inside some of these magazines that intrigue me, like the designers of kitchen and people who rescue animals. I'm interested in journalism because it shows the nuts and bolts of society. I'm concerned with learning if there truly is good or bad journalism.